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Local Administration


All administration & booking is done by Barbara, a friend who lives locally.  Balance payable on rent should be given direct to her, in Euros cash on arrival.  If you have any problems or queries about the house, she will do her best to deal with them. 

Please call/text her:  Barbara Mob # 00-34-666-95-6564




Cleaning on your departure is not covered by the rent. Current rate 70 Euros payable directly to Barbara.


Linen and Laundry


All bed linen is provided plus towels for use in the house – please bring your own beach towels. Extra duvets, blankets and pillows can be found in the bedroom cupboards.  Towels are stored in the cupboard outside ensuite. 




There is no telephone in the villa but nearest public phones are outside the general store and by the beach steps.




Fuse boxes located by front & back door.  There are occasional power cuts, but candles in lounge drawers, and gas cooking hob should see you through.




There is a DVD player incorporated in the wall-mounted TV.

There are 2 electric fans for use during the hotter months, and some electric heaters in cupboards for cold days.

The cooker has one electric hob, three gas hobs and an electric oven.  Please note that the oven timer has been de-activated due to on-going problems. 

The washing machine is downstairs with instructions on the shelf above.




The bottled “butano” is used for the gas hobs. Gas cylinders are kept outside the back door in a special housing (key hangs just inside the kitchen door on hook). If gas stops flowing, 1st check that black switch on top of cylinder is curling upwards.  If gas has run out, there may be a full cylinder alongside which can be connected.  If not, you can swap the empty “bombona” for a full one in the shop down below (not on Sundays). 




It is advisable to drink bottled water rather than tap water in Spain.

Water is heated by the electric heaters mounted high on the wall (one in the kitchen and one in the shower room), but these should need no attention, except to ensure they are on.

Should you need to turn off the water supply to the house, there are 2 taps situated in the gas cylinder housing outside the back door. One tap cuts off all supply to the house, the other cuts off the supply from the reservoir.




Between Nov and Mar, it gets cool enough in the evenings and early mornings for some additional heating in the house. Use the electric heaters stored around the house, possibly in the cupboards, but please do remember to switch them off.  The open fireplace is another welcome source of instant heat, and is particularly efficient at reducing the damp in the house which can be noticeable during the winter months.  Should you want a dehumidifier, please ask Barbara.  There is a stock of logs in the garage which you are welcome to use, but it would be appreciated if you could replace what you use. 




Collection is after 10pm most nights. The rubbish should be in plastic bags, placed in the large wheelie-bin/skips outside gate on the right.  There are recycling bins for glass, plastic, paper & card next to the refuse bins.




Mail is collected from the yellow pillar-box near the bar at about 11am daily, except Sat/Sun. The Post Office (Correos y Telegrafos) is in Calle Toneleros.  Stamps (sellos) can be bought where you see the TABACOS sign as well as at the PO, and the shop opposite usually has a supply of stamps for Europe.

English newspapers (often the day after publication) can be bought at the Hotel Flamenco shop.

is an Internet Cafe situated on the first road back from the sea front in Conil town centre.




Unfortunately, Fuente del Gallo has had its fair share of opportunist thieves.  To deter any such unwelcome guests, please ensure all doors are locked when you leave the villa, even if only popping across to the shop. As a precaution, it is also advisable to lock any doors out of direct sight (laundry room and back door), and suggest the front door too if you are spending time on the sun terrace - a wallet or camera on the sideboard may be too much for them to resist!  This is only some friendly advice - don't let the thought ruin your holiday...




Ants in the kitchen are a common problem during the summer months.  To minimise this nuisance, you are strongly advised to keep the surfaces clean and all food safely put away whilst the kitchen is not in use.  If you do find the kitchen full of ants, there is usually a spray can of effective ant killer under the sink. 


Wasps under the eaves can sometimes be found, but these do not attack unless provoked. Other harmless creatures you may come across are the geckos around the lights and small lizards on the walls.   By the way, the nest outside the front door is a bird’s nest, not anything more harmful!


One Way System


Please be aware that there is a one-way system in operation around Fuente del Gallo.  You need to turn LEFT out of the front gate and to get out of the development (say, towards Conil), take the first right then right again around the block.  Getting back to the villa from Conil is straightforward.


However, not everyone observes the one-way system, least of all those on two wheels, and care should be taken when driving or crossing the road.